Location Sound Recording for Motion Pictures, Video, TV, and Radio
 Synchronous Audio Playback
Location Sound Recording for Seminars, Corporate Meetings

Press Conferences, Satellite Uplinks
 Post Production Sound Recording
Audio Depositions, Audio Transcriptions
Audio Distribution for Video
Sound Effects Recording
 Remote ADR Recording
CD Recording, Cassette Duplication


Complete Digital Sound Recording Packages For Film & Video

High and Low Power Remote Sound Playback Packages

UHF Diversity Radio Microphones

Wireless Cue Feed Systems

Comtek Courtesy Feed Systems

Microphones:  Schoeps, Sennheiser, Beyer, Sonotrim, Tram, Countryman, Ricsonix

We are equipped to handle any film or video production.

We service our own equipment and each piece is bench tested before every production.